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Hands-on Courses

ESSAT GI Surgical skills Hands on Area

at the UEG Week 20-24 October 2018, Vienna,  Austria
ESSAT UEG Surgical Block Hands on Training centre

Welcome to the 2018 offering of the Surgical Learning Area at UEG Week.

The UEG Surgical block, ESSAT, is continuing the successes of the previous 2 years of surgical learning by adding yet another 4th course (and even the potential of a fifth course to be confirmed).

The program below is aimed to offer surgeons a true value-add opportunity of significant hands on training by experienced and recognized faculty with the potential of certification and providing a trajectory towards specific UEMS diplomas in the various aspects of digestive surgery.

In addition, it is also tailored to stimulate a multi-disciplinary approach linking the surgical perspective to the full spectrum of GI disease management.

With the focus on curricula-based learning pathways, the UEG Surgical block aims to build towards a clear focus on either upper GI, HPB or colorectal surgery. Note the program is always subject to change and most courses require your registration and potential eligibility assessments. For more information and registration please contact the secretariat at linda@esc-societycongress.com.

With thanks.

Richard van Hillegersberg                   Fred Meyer
ESSAT Chair                                    ESSAT secretariat

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For more information and registration please send an e-mail to:

European Federation International
Society for Digestive Surgery

European Digestive Surgery

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European Association for
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Updated 10 July 2018
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